Electronic State Business Daily (ESBD) Consultants

Texas SBA, Inc., Texas Small Business Association™, government consultants are available to assist your Texas-corporation, foreign-corporation, or small business navigate the State of Texas' Electronic State Business Daily database. This platform posts all State of Texas contracting opportunities over US $25,000 in value.

Hire a Lobbyist for ESBD Contract Listings

Texas Small Business Association™ procurement lobbyists are available to directly-communicate with the State of Texas agency, office, and / or purchasing director awarding the contract you seek award. This service will allow your company's goods and services to be properly marketed to the individual or individuals in charge of making the purchasing decision(s) for the State of Texas: Hiring a lobbyist is the legal and most efficient way to actively solicit and market the benefits of doing business with your company amongst State of Texas employees. The difference between "winning" a contract posted on the Electronic Business Daily database and not may simply be the lack of company awareness amongst decision makers in State of Texas office(s). Your company may benefit from the rapport established between Texas Small Business Association™ and State of Texas government officials. Hire a Texas Small Business Association™ Lobbyist To Increase Your Company's Exposure With State of Texas Procurement Offices!

DISCLAIMER: You can access ESBD directly at Window on State Government.

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